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G Pen Pro

A new standard in dry herb vaping. The perfect blend of form and function. Intuitive design, rapid heating, lightweight engineering for easy vaping, anywhere.

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A Vape For Everyone

Whether you prefer dry herb, concentrates, or switching between the two, we've got the perfect vaporizer for everyone.

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Introducing Oura

The intelligent E-Rig by KandyPens, the world's most advanced portable E-Rig. No hassle. No Torch. Simply convenient, on-the-go dabbing.

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Eyce Rig II

Upgraded from its predecessor, this unbreakable silicone rubber dab rig is built to elevate your adventures to new heights.

Ghost MV1 | Next Generation Vaping

The GHOST MV1 delivers state of the art technology matched with exceptionally sleek design. Find out why Ghost is the new leader in portable electronic vaporizers for both herbs and extracts.

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Ardent Nova Lift | DIY Infusions

Crafting perfectly activated herb infusions has never been easier. The Ardent Nova Lift eliminates any guesswork, meaning the only thing you need to do is kick back, and enjoy. 

Ardent Nova Lift Dry Herb Infusion Machine | The710Source.com

Knowledge Corner

KandyPens Oura Review

KandyPens Oura Review

With portable e-rigs changing the vape and dab game with no signs of slowing down, it’s no surprise that the Santa Barbara, California based KandyPens has stepped up to the plate with their revolutionary Oura electronic dab rig. 

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10 Best Herb Vaporizers

10 Best Herb Vaporizers If you’re a business professional that enjoys a little dry herb, then it makes sense that you would be looking for the best dry herb vaporizers for business professionals!

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Vaping | What Are The Benefits?

Vaping | What Are The Benefits? Vaporization still happens to be a new thing, and is widely used worldwide with waxy oils and dry herbs. Vaporizers have some amazing benefits over traditional smoking, although provide the same pleasure experience in an effective manner.

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