Everything You Need To Know About Dab Nails

Dab Nails: Everything You Need To Know 

As dabbing has grown in popularity over recent years, the options for different tools and methods have increased and continued to develop. Domed or domeless? Ceramic, titanium, quartzE-nails? There are a lot of options, and it can be a little overwhelming when trying to decide what the best setup is for you. The 710 Source is here to help clear some of this up!

Domed Nails vs. Domeless Nails

Domed NailDomeless Nail

A good starting point when shopping for a new nail, or even your first nail, is to decide whether you prefer a domed or a domeless nail. 
A dome is an attachment for your rig that goes over the nail once it’s been heated. Domes help to capture all your vapor and drawing it all into your rig.  Most domes will have an opening at the top, allowing you to reach your dab tool inside to touch your preferred concentrate to the hot nail. This also helps to prevent you from accidentally touching the heated nail and burning yourself.  Domes are typically made of glass, and are accompanied by a glass nail as well. 
Domeless nails are a bit more popular within the dabbing community, and also offer a wider range of styles and materials they are made from. Domeless nail styles include bangers, direct inject, daisy, and angle-cut. 



Bangers will typically have a deep bucket dish which is heated with a torch prior to administering your desired concentrate. This deep bucket provides excellent containment of your concentrate and can handle larger sized dabs. Most bangers will also feature a curved joint to provide distance between your heated bucket and your precious rig, extending the life of your glass. 

Direct Inject

Direct Inject Nail

Direct Inject style will typically feature a heating dish with raised edges, and a pathway allowing vapor to travel directly to the downstem and into your piece. 


Daisy Nail

Daisy style nails are similar in appearance to direct inject nails, however these daisy style nails will generally have a flatter heating dish with slits around the outer edges for your vapor to pass through. 


Angle Cut Nail

Angle-cut nails provide a bit of flare for your rig. More for appearance than performance, an angle-cut nail is a bit fancier while performing just as well as a typical flat nail. 

Titanium | Quartz | Ceramic

Titanium NailQuartz Banger NailCeramic Nail

Most titanium nails you will come across will be of the domeless variety. Titanium nails are hands down the most durable nails, although it’s also important to make sure you’re purchasing certified titanium to ensure quality. Grade 2 Titanium or better will be almost impossible to damage by dropping or from heating repeatedly over time.  While some dabbers believe they get a bit of a metallic taste from titanium nails, others claim they can’t taste it at all. The general heating time of a titanium nail is around 30 seconds. 
Quartz nails look very similar to glass, however quartz provides much more durability than glass.  Quartz also creates the purest, tastiest vapor. The downside to quartz is that over time, it will wear out and can eventually crack due to repeatedly being heated. Heavy users can generally get a few months use out of quartz nails. Quartz nails can be found in domed and domeless varieties.  Quartz nails heat up quickly in about 20 seconds which is the shortest heating time of the various nail materials, but quartz also retains heat for the shortest amount of time. 
Ceramic nails are typically a bit more budget-friendly while providing extremely pure tastes and aromas thanks to inert nature of ceramic. Like quartz, ceramic nails can also crack over time, but with proper care and avoidance of heating to quickly, users can usually expect a long life out of their ceramic nail. Ceramic can take slightly longer to heat than quartz or titanium, but as a tradeoff, ceramic nails also retain heat very well making these a great option for group sessions where your passing the rig. You can often get multiple hits from one heating. 

Universal Or Complete

Universal NailUniversal Nail

Universal or Complete nails are designed to be compatible with all rigs, no matter the joint gender or size. Rigs may have a male or female joint, and come in sizes of 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Complete Universal nails can be easily adjusted to work wonderfully with any and all of these. 



Last but not least, we have e-Nails or electronic nails. E-nails have become increasingly popular is recent years as they have improved technologically as well as come down in price.  Electronic nails allow you to hold a steady, consistent, exact temperature throughout your dabbing session. Additionally, e-Nails eliminate the dangers of using a torch with an open flame.