KandyPens Oura Review

KandyPens Oura Intelligent E-Rig

With portable e-rigs changing the vape and dab game with no signs of slowing down, it’s no surprise that the Santa Barbara, California based KandyPens has stepped up to the plate with their revolutionary Oura electronic dab rig.

Combining elegant simplicity with supreme functionality, the Oura is an ultra-portable e-rig capable of producing some of the thickest vapor we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.  

One of the first things you’ll notice is the Oura’s compact size and user-friendly operation, but of course KandyPens didn’t stop there. Loaded up with features like rapid-heating technology, and attractive LED accent lights, and optimized preset temperature settings, the Oura boasts a seemingly endless number of reasons to LOVE this portable e-rig. 

Optimized Preset Temperature Settings

The KandyPens Oura features four optimized preset heat settings, allowing you to hone in on your ideal temperature. Ranging from smooth and mellow for users desiring maximum flavors of their wax and shatter concentrates, to robust and powerful for those chasing the biggest vapor clouds, the Oura has a perfect setting for everyone. The lowest temperature Yellow, will be loved by low-temp dab enthusiasts who enjoy a low-and-slow approach. The next level, Green, is just slightly hotter to produce more vapor while preserving a smooth and tasty flavor. From there, things start ramping up with Red being the second hottest setting, and Blue delivering the largest, thickest vapor clouds. 

No matter which temperature setting you choose, you’ll love that Oura reaches its temperature in just about 5 seconds,virtually eliminating your wait time before taking your dab. 

Ceramic Bowl & Quartz Atomizer

Included with the KandyPens Oura are two atomizers, one quartz atomizer and one ceramic atomizer.Dabbers in search of the biggest, thickest clouds will enjoy the quartz atomizer, and those who prefer maximum flavors will love the ceramic atomizer. If you’re unsure of your preference, give both a try! The atomizers are easily swapped out by simply unscrewing the top of the atomizer and replacing with the other.  

Powerful 3000mAh Battery

Knowing their users demand quality performance, KandyPens included a powerful and long lasting 3000mAh battery, capable of providing rapid heating while withstanding heavy use throughout the day. The Oura E-Rig’s USB-C Fast Charging technology allows for a full charge within an hour of unboxing, meaning minimal wait time to start your session! Allowing your KandyPens Oura to fully charge before kicking off your maiden voyage dab session is important to ensure maximum performance and consistency. Additionally, the Oura’s included auto-shutoff feature kicks in after 4 minutes of non-use to conserve battery power and maximum your time between charges.  

Using Your KandyPens Oura E-Rig

While your Oura E-Rig is charging up, go ahead and fill the glass attachment with water, covering the air holes within the bottom of the glass chamber. Take care to not allow water to enter the bottom portion of the glass attachment near the intake hole. When your ready to attach the glass to the Oura base, gently push the attachment into the Oura until it feels snug. Ensure the air intake hole near the attachment base and battery of the Oura are in line with each other to allow for proper airflow.

Power up your Oura E-Rig with 5 quick taps of the Smart Touch sensor. The convenient haptic feedback and LED light indicator will tell you that your e-rig is powered on and ready for your dab session.

Changing the temperature settings on your KandyPens Oura is a breeze. Simply tap the Smart Touch sensor three times in a row.  After you’ve selected your prefered heat setting, simply tap the Smart Touch sensor two more times to initiate heating. The Oura heats up quickly, and will then hold the temperature steady for 60 seconds before it vibrates to let you know it has begun cooling. 

The Oura also includes a dab tool for loading your wax or shatter concentrates. Simply place your preferred material into the ceramic or quartz atomizer, taking care to allow enough room for airflow to pass through. Overfilling the quartz or ceramic cup can potentially lead to bubbling and leaking into the port. 

The included carb cap and tether are extremely convenient, and allowed us to maximize draws from even small amounts of concentrate.  The tether ensures your carb cap is always readily available without having to worry about misplacing it. 

We recommend cleaning your atomizer between dab sessions to maximize the lifespan of the atomizer, while also ensuring optimum flavors and performance with each use. To clean, simply wipe down your atomizer with an isopropyl alcohol soaked cotton swab. 

An Oura For Everyone

All in all, the KandyPens Oura is a fantastic option for those who are ready to step-up their dab game with a portable e-rig. From its durable zinc alloy body, to its powerful battery with optimized temperature settings and intuitive user friendly operation, the Oura is ideal for rookie dabbers all the way to seasoned dab enthusiasts. Available in an array of attractive pastel color options, there’s an Oura to match everyone’s style preferences.

And of course, KandyPens stands behind their product, backing it with a lifetime warranty to put your mind at ease!

Have you tried the KandyPens Oura e-rig yet? Let us know in the comments below!