Bangers & Nails

Dab Nails & Bangers

Bangers and nails are a critical part of completing your dab rig.  Choosing the right fit for you, is an important step while you customize your rig for your ideal dabbing experience.  When purchasing a nail separately from your water pipe, it is important to select the correct size and gender (male or female) that will be compatible with the joint on your current rig.   10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, are the standard joint sizes that rigs and dab attachments come in.  Some bangers and nails fit various sizes, while others are one size only.  Bangers and nails are available in glass, quartz, ceramic, and titanium options which all have their pros and cons.  

Glass Nails

Glass nails heat up quickly and generally tend to be a more cost effective option.  The downside to glass is that it is more susceptible to stress fractures from heating and breaking when dropped.  

Quartz Nails & Bangers

Quartz nails and bangers take a slightly longer time to heat up than glass, and cool off slightly quicker, however, quartz provides extremely smooth and tasty dabs.  Quartz is more resistant to stress fractures than glass nails, but don't drop your quartz because it can still be a bit fragile.  

Ceramic Nails

Ceramic nails are an ideal option for those low-temp dab fanatics due to the ceramic nail's ability to hold heat longer than quartz and glass.  Ceramic heats up more slowly than quartz and glass, but the trade-off is a longer retention of heat.  This lengthened window of time that the nail is heated gives you more time to maximize the use of your oil or concentrate.  Similar to quartz and glass, too much heat can cause fractures and as always, you don't want to drop your ceramic nail.  

Titanium Nails

Titanium nails are hands down the most durable option, and as an added bonus these heat quickly as well.  Most titanium nails are available in adjustable and universal options to fit a wide range of different rigs.  High-grade titanium typically eliminates any metallic taste.  


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