Giraffe Nuts CBD Infused Caramels

Giraffe Nuts Hemp Extract CBD Infused Caramels

Benefits of CBD 

Giraffe Nuts Infused Caramels are made with 15mg of natural hemp-extract CBD.  CBD is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids deriving from the cannabis plant and has been found to help reduce anxiety & inflammation, relieve muscle spams, act as an anti-depressant, provide nausea relief, while also acting as an effective pain reliever.  CBD has been shown to promote overall good nuero, immune & cardiovascular health and is also a great antioxidant.  It is believed that CBD is also the cannabinoid responsible for helping to reduce and control seizures.  These velvety sweet treats not only taste delicious, but your body will thank you!

Help Regulate Mental Health

The human body's neurological system naturally contains receptors that are specially designed to accept the molecules contained within the hemp to help regulate stress, anxiety, depression, and even PTSD.  Hemp's naturally relaxing effects can help bring you to a state of psychological peace, bringing your body to a state of harmonious balance.  

Anti-Inflamatory Effects

The naturally occurring nutrients within the Hemp plant can help to aid and regulate the body's many anti-inflamatory responses to boost and augment your immune system.  This helps to fight off illness, regulate hormone responses, and lower free radical formation to help you reach a more balanced feeling of well being each and every day.