About KandyPens Vaporizers

Known for their sleek, portable designs and powerful vapor production, KandyPens features an extensive lineup of artist designed limited-edition vape pens. Merging unique style and supreme functionality, KandyPens deliver flavorful vapor for on-the-go sessions. The sophisticated engineering of every vaporizer paired with high-grade materials for lasting durability make these vape pens perfect for active lifestyles. With vaporizers designed for use with wax and shatter concentrates, dry herb, or e-liquids, KandyPens has a portable vape pen for everyone.

KandyPens leads the vape industry in style by merging cutting edge fashion with state-of-the-art vaporizer technology. Past collabs have included limited edition vaporizers designed by A$Ap Rocky and Amber Rose to create vaporizers that are as stylish as they are powerful. This iconic style and unsurpassed perfomance has made KandyPens a leader in the vape game.

Every KandyPens vaporizer that has a glass airpath or mouthpiece is crafted from medical-grade borosilicate glass to preserve the flavors and purity of your herb or concentrate materials. The chemically inert, heat-resistant borosilicate glass prevents cracking and yellowing while allowing you to enjoy the natural flavors of each puff, just like nature intended. This durable BPA-free glass is easy to maintain with a regular cleaning regimen, and allows maximum flavor even at higher vaping temperatures.

How To Clean Your KandyPens Vaporizer

Maintaining your KandyPens vaporizer is a breeze with their easy to disassemble designs. Regular cleaning will ensure long lasting performance to maximize the life of your vape pen. Simply remove the mouthpiece and heating chamber from the battery, then use a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol to gently swab the atomizer and remove any built-up gunk. Repeat the process on the mouthpiece. Make sure to allow all of your vape pen parts to air dry thoroughly after cleaning. Reassemble your vaporizer and you're back in action, ready for your next vape session!