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About O.PenVape Batteries

Since 2012, O.PenVAPE has provided vape enthusiasts with reliable vape pen batteries. O.PenVAPE sticks to their philosophy of "safe, simple, and subtle" with the design of each battery they make. With a belief of crafting products to promote wellness as "an integral part of a healthy lifestyle for both recreational and medicinal purposes", O.PenVAPE takes pride in supplying some of the best performing, most reliable vape pen batteries available on the market.

O.PenVAPE didn't reinvent the vape battery, however they did reinvigorate it. Combining sleek, discreet design with user-friendly operation, O.PenVAPE's vaporizer batteries combine the best aspects of portability, minimalism, and versatility to open a new world of vaping possibilities. Users enjoy complete control over their vape sessions with ultimate discretion. Batteries like the O.PenVAPE 2.0 deliver the ideal balance between form and function. The 2.0's buttonless, draw-activated design is a masterclass in simplicity and performance. No more buttons, no more waiting; Simply discreet, on-the-go vaping.