What's Our Story?

Operating out of Summit County, Colorado, The 710 Source stocks vape pens, dab rigs, bongs, water pipes, hand pipes, bubblers, recyclers, dab nails, and all the accessories you could need!  We are proudly owned and operated by experienced professionals who started out in our amazing legal industry and every employee currently holds their MED Key Badge to be certified to legally work in the state of Colorado's young industry.  From our humble beginnings running a mountain town dispensary, our love of beautiful glass pipes and rad vaping devices inspired us to launch The 710 Source.  

After working with customers at the shop day in and out, we realized there was a need for accurate, dependable information, along with high quality smoking devices.  Each day we worked with customers who had traveled from all corners of globe to seek advice and knowledge not only about our lovely legal product, but also wanting to learn about dabbing and dab rigs, bubblers and vape pens.  

Dedicated to hooking you up with the highest quality, latest knowledge and smoking gear on the market, The 710 Source is also proud to deliver outstanding customer service.  We encourage all of our fellow tokers out there to give our Dab Master team a shout via Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and we get stoked for real mail too, so don't be afraid to utilize your local Pony Express.

The 710 Source, LLC
Phone | 844.710.7100
Mailing Address | PO Box 3921, Breckenridge, CO 80424