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Ronin Glass "Chigiriki" Layered Recyler Dab Rig with Matrix Perc

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Joint | 14mm Male

Height | 7.5 Inches

About The Ronin Glass "Chigiriki" Layered Recycler with Matrix Perc

The Ronin Glass "Chigiriki" Layered Recyler Dab Rig features an elegant glass tube connecting both water chambers with a matrix perc to filter your vapor as it passes through each.  Once again showcasing their ingenuity and creativity, Ronin Glass delivered a beautiful recycler dab rig that cools your vapor to perfection with each hit.  Available in three stylish accent glass colors. 


Ronin Glass Dab Rig
Available In Your Choice Of 3 Stylish Accent Colors
Black | Red | Clear
Wide 3.5 Inch Flared Base Provides Stability & Balance To Prevent Tipping
14mm Male Joint | Compatible with 14mm Female Jointed Domes & Bangers
Matching 14mm Female Dome & Nail Included
Glass Dome Features Side Handle For Easy Grip & Placement
Angled Neck Design Acts As Splashguard To Keep Water Out Of Your Mouth
Flared Mouthpiece Creates A Comfortable Airtight Seal Around Your Mouth
Clear Scientific Glass Dab Rig Allows You To Watch Your Vapor As It Filters & Cools
Matrix Perc Filters & Cools Your Vapor To Perfection With Intense Tiny Bubbles
Sturdy Dewar's Joint Provides Added Support & Stability
Ronin Glass Decals Included

What's Included?

Ronin Glass "Chigiriki" Layered Recyler Dab Rig With Matrix Perc
14mm Female Glass Nail & Dome Combo
Ronin Glass Decals

Choose From

Black | Red | Clear



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