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DabTech Elite Plus Smart Rig

Wax Vaporizer

About The DabTech Elite Plus Smart Rig

The Elite Plus Smart Rig from DabTech is an innovative portable electric dab rig designed for use with concentrates. The Elite Plus Smart Rig boasts a wide temperature range from 280°F to 800°F that can be easily adjusted with a simple click of a button. This powerful e-rig quickly heats up your choice of titanium, quartz, or ceramic bucket within the atomizer chamber, giving you all of the options to dab however you prefer, just as you would on any classic dab rig. The fitted glass attachment features a recycler chamber above the bubbling water chamber, to ensure perfectly cooled, delicious dabs.

The Elite plus stands at 10 inches tall, and manages to come in lighter than many of its competitors making the Elite Plus Smart Rig ideal for travel and on the go dab sessions. The long lasting 3000mah battery delivers 50 uses with each charge! The Elite Plus also features an easy to read digital display with separate power and temperature control buttons, as well as an audio feedback system not found in other devices on the market!


DabTech Elite Plus Smart Rig
Designed For Use With Wax & Shatter Concentrates
Durable Handmade Glass Recycler Attachment
Powerful & Long Lasting 3,000mAh Battery
One Of A Kind Audio Control
Adjustable Temperature Settings
Titanium, Quartz, & Ceramic Atomizers Included

Cleaning Your DabTech Elite Plus Smart Rig

Say Goodbye to the days of complicated atomizers and hard to clean devices. Keeping your Elite Plus Smart Rig clean is simple:

Step 1 | Remove the bucket.
Step 2 | Remove the glass, and clean them separately with your product of choice. (we prefer some Iso and soapy water). Make sure to clean bucket thoroughly with Q-TIP and Iso after each use as well.

What's Included?

DabTech Elite Plus / 3000MAH Li-Ion Battery
1x DabTech Glass Recycler
1x DabTech Elite Plus Stand
1x Quartz Carb Cap
1x Titanium Bowl
1x Ceramic Bowl
1x Quartz Bowl
1x Loading Tool
2x Alcohol Pads
3x Alcohol Sticks



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