Beveled Edge Gavel Style Quartz Banger Dab Nail

Joint Size | 10mm Male or 14mm Male

Joint Angle | 45° or 90°

About The Beveled Edge Gavel Style Quartz Banger

This Gavel Style Banger Nail features a beveled edge, making it ideal for use with carb caps. The bevel design allows for ultra-smooth rotation of your carb cap while also creating a perfectly flush seal when the carb cap is sitting still. The over-sized gavel base prevents splash back to conserve your precious wax and shatter concentrates. This pure quartz banger's 25mm wide base makes it perfect for use with insert cups, carb caps, and terp pearls.


Beveled Edge Gavel Style Quartz Banger Nail
Available In 10mm Male or 14mm Male Joint Size
Compatible With 10mm or 14mm Female Jointed Dab Rigs
Available In Your Choice Of 45° or 90° Joint Angles
Thick Pure Quartz Composition For Long Lasting Durability
Pure Quartz Preserves Essential Tastes & Flavors
Perfect For Use With Insert Cups, Carb Caps & Terp Pearls
Great For Low-Temp Dab Enthusiasts

What's Included?

Beveled Edge Gavel Style Quartz Banger Dab Nail

Choose From

10mm Male 45° | 10mm Male 90°
14mm Male 45° | 14mm Male 90°



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