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My Bud Vase "Burmëse" Water Pipe

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Height | 11 Inches

Width | 7.5 Inches

Joint | Female Rubber Grommet

About The My Bud Vase "Burmëse" Water Pipe

Introducing the My Bud Vase "Burmëse" bong, which can only be described as breathtaking. The centerpiece that you've been waiting for, this elegant water pipe makes for a commanding focal point of your home decor or the life of your cannabis party. Black and gold porcelain snakeskin pattern featuring a gold-rimmed mouthpiece. This uniquely stylish bong comes with a large black bubble bowl and a red velvet cherry blossom spray. This water pipe stands at 11 inches tall and is 7.5 inches wide.


Premium Quality "Burmëse" Water Pipe From My Bud Vase
Flared Mouthpiece Creates Airtight Seal Around Your Mouth
Extra-Wide 7.5 Inch Base To Prevent Accidental Tipping
Large Black Glass Bubble Bowl Included
Black & Gold Porcelain Snakeskin Pattern
Red Velvet Cherry Blossom Spray Included
45° Joint

What's Included?

My Bud Vase "Burmëse" Water Pipe
Large Glass Bubble Bowl
My Bud Vase Certificate Of Authenticity



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