Crystal Ball to Pillar Perc Sidecar Water Pipe

The 710 Source | Glass Bowl Included

Joint | 14mm Female

Height | 10 Inches

This Crystal Ball to Pillar Perc Sidecar water pipe comes in standing at 10 inches tall. In combination with the angled sidecar mouthpiece, this creates very enjoyable glass pipe to use. The crystal ball and pillar percolators provide impressive diffusion and filtration. Its wide base keeps it secure and stable to ease your mind. A deep glass bowl is included however, the 14mm female joint is compatible with bangers and nails if dry herb material or tobacco is not your preference.


Clear Scientific Glass Sidecar Water Pipe
Crystal Ball Perc to Pillar Perc | 2 Stage Filtration & Cooling
Clear Scientific Glass Composition | Watch Your Smoke As It Bubbles & Filters
Wide, Flared Base Helps Prevent Accidental Tipping
Angled Neck Design Prevents Splashback
Sturdy Reinforced Dewar's Joint
Flared Sidecar Mouthpiece For Added Comfort
14mm Female Joint | Compatible With 14mm Male Jointed Bowls
Matching Glass Funnel Pinch Bowl Included

What's Included?

Crystal Ball to Pillar Perc Sidecar Water Pipe
14mm Male Glass Funnel Pinch Bowl



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