Honeycomb To Turbine Perc Ashcatcher

Joint | 14mm Male or 18mm Male

Height | 5 Inches


Clear Glass Composition Featuring Two Percolators
Honeycomb Perc Creates Intense Tiny Bubbles
Turbine Perc Swirls Your Smoke While Cooling To Perfection
Available With 45° Joint Or 90° Joint
Available With 14mm Male Joint or 18mm Male Joint
Compatible With 14mm Or 18mm Female Jointed Water Pipes
Available In Your Choice Of Blue, Green & Clear Colored Accent Glass
Ashcatcher Filters Your Smoke Before It Reaches Your Water Pipe
Enjoy Cooler, Smoother Hits While Keeping Your Water Pipe Cleaner

What's Included?

Honeycomb To Turbine Perc Ashcatcher

Choose Size

14mm Male Joint | 18mm Male Joint

Choose Joint Angle

45° Joint | 90° Joint

Choose Color

Blue | Green | Clear



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