Wig Wag Bubble Carb Cap

Height | 2.5 Inches

About The Wig Wag Bubble Carb Cap

Made from thick Wig Wag styled imported glass, this Bubble Carb Cap is a necessary addition to any dabbers collection. Enjoy cooler, smoother low-temp dabs without leaving puddles of excess oil in your quartz banger. The Wig Wag Bubble Carb Cap swivels around the top of your banger, letting you direct the airflow and hit every precious bit of your favorite waxes and shatters. 


Wig Wag Glass Bubble Carb Cap
Thick Glass Composition For Long Lasting Durability
Compatible With Banger Style Dab Nails
Ventilation Hole For Added Airflow Control
Perfect For Low Temp Dabs

What's Included?

Wig Wag Bubble Carb Cap



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