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Davinci IQ Glass Spacers

Glass Spacers are the MUST HAVE accessory for your DaVinci IQ Vaporizer.  Efficient and effective vaporization depends largely on packing your herb chamber tightly.  Don't have enough material to pack your chamber completely full?  Don't worry!  Just pop either the 10 mm or 6 mm DaVinci IQ Glass Spacer into your herbal chamber, load your dry herb on top, and lightly tamp it down.  7 optimized airflow pathways ensure plenty of hot air flows evenly through your dry herb chamber.  The DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers are an essential tool for those looking for the best possible vapor quality.


7 Air Paths For Optimized Airflow
High Quality Glass Composition
Promotes Efficient  And Even Heating Of Dry Herb Material

What's Included?

10 mm DaVinci IQ Glass Spacer
6 mm DaVinci IQ Glass Spacer

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