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Easy Butter Maker 2 Stick Infuser Kettle

Height | 8.5 Inches

About The Easy Butter Maker 2 Stick Infuser Kettle

The Easy Butter Maker does exactly what it's name implies; makes herb infused butter with a simple push of a button! Each batch lets you make 2 sticks of butter in as little as 10 minutes. In the mood for a more potent herbal infusion? Just run the cycle again! The Easy Butter Maker utilizes a basic kettle heating method and combines an easy to clean removable filtration system for hassle-free care.

It's never been easier to create delicious herb infused butters at a moments notice, right in the comfort of your own kitchen. The Easy Butter Maker heats up right on your stove! The Easy Butter Maker includes the three pieces of your infuser kettle, an instruction manual with simple to follow directions, and a draw string storage bag. Standing at 8.5 inches tall with a 4.25 inch base, the Easy Butter Maker takes up little counter space and can be easily stored in your cabinet.

How To Use Your Easy Butter Maker 2 Stick Infuser Kettle

1. Insert 2 sticks of cubed, unsalted butter or 1 cup of olive oil into the lower chamber of your Easy Butter Maker, then add water.

2. Insert the included filter through the butter or oil.

3. Add your preferred finely ground dry herb.

3. Tightly screw the upper pot to the lower put, and place on stove burner at medium heat.

4. Allow to cook until you can see visible steam coming from your Easy Butter Maker.

5. Remove from heat and pour the mixture into your Easy Butter Maker Butter Stick Mold Trays or a plastic container. Place in refrigerator until the mixture hardens, then poke a hole through the hardened butter to pour out excess water.


Easy Butter Maker 2 Stick Infuser Kettle
Creates Herb Infused Butter In Just 10 Minutes
Compact & Portable Design
Easy Clean Filtration System
Heats Right On Your Stove

What's Included?

Easy Butter Maker 2 Stick Infuser Kettle
Draw String Storage Bag
Instruction Manual



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