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Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Dab Rig

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Height | 6 Inches

Don't let the Spaceship Dab Rig's small size fool you.  This compact borosilicate glass Spaceship has enough power to launch you into your next inter-galactic journey.  With its wide, thick glass base in combination with a 6 inch height, this sturdy work of art is long lasting and durable.  Your vapor diffuses through an inline ruffle perc to cool it to perfection.  Included with the Spaceship, you'll have both a quartz honeybucket banger and a quartz nail & dome combo.  Quartz won't give off any chemicals, gases, or smells even when heated to extreme temperatures due to it's chemically inert nature.  This means, you'll enjoy the tastiest, purest vapors with both attachment options.  



Launch-Pad Base | Stable, Extra-Wide Base
Custom Glass Snoop Dogg Pounds Dab Tool
Curved Neck Design For Added Comfort During Use, While Doubling As A Splashguard
Portable & Compact 6 Inch Design | Pack It For Your Weekend Trips 
Inline Ruffle Percolator Cools & Filters Smoke | Intense Bubbling Action
Matching Quartz Bucket AND Dome & Nail Combo Included

What's Included?

Famous Brandz Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Water Pipe
Custom Glass Snoop Pounds Dabber
Matching Quartz Dome & Nail
Matching Quartz Bucket

Choose From

Green | Clear | Black | White 

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