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Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys Julian Water Pipe

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About The Trailer Park Boys Julian Bong

Elegant. Understated. Refined. Julian tries to be all these, and always comes up short! Luckily the Julian from the Trailer Park Boys line of glass water pipes is all of that and more. Rock-solid construction(just like Julian) combines with buttery-smooth airflow to make this straight tube the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take their rips with pure Canadian style. A wide flared base and ground glass connections make this compatible with a wide variety of 14mm glass on glass items. Too many rocks in your tumbler? Throw a few in the top tube to chill that vapor or smoke.


Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys Julian Water Pipe
Trailer Park Boys Themed Glass Bong
High-Grade, Thick Borosilicate Glass Composition
Glass Herb Bowl Included
Removable Slide Diffused Downstem Included
Ground Glass Connection
Stylish White Accent Glass
Stable Wide Base Helps Prevent Tipping Over
Straight Tube Design For Optimized Airflow
Built-In Ice Pinch To Cool Your Smoke

What's Included?

Famous Brandz Trailer Park Boys Julian Water Pipe
18mm To 14mm Glass Slide Downstem
Matching 14mm Glass Funnel Bowl
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