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G Pen Connect X Higher Standards Rig Bundle

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About The G Pen Connect X Higher Standards Rig Bundle

We've paired the powerful G Pen Connect e-nail with the thick glass Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig for a perfect combination of form and function.

G Pen Connect

The G Pen Connect is a revolutionary alternative to conventional dab consumption that heats to temperature within just five seconds of activation, delivering high-density, quality vapor production without the hassle of a torch and exposed dab nail. The Connect utilizes a ceramic heating element and features Grenco Science's patented reverse airflow technology. The G Pen Connect vaporizes wax and shatter concentrates evenly and efficiently, and can be paired with any glass-on-glass dab rig or water pipe to deliver smooth, powerful draws.

Designed with three temperature settings as well as an extended draw mode, the Connect lets you customize your flavor and heat preferences while accommodating a wide variety of concentrate consistencies. The 850 mAh G Pen Connect Battery features an user-friendly snap-in magnetic connection for easy, no hassle setup. This compact e-nail device is capable of powering several back-to-back sessions, and also supports pass-through charging as well.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig

The classically designed Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig features a fixed diffused downstem to help moisture-cool your vapor, smoothing out even the most dense clouds. Carefully crafted from from medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards Rig can withstand everyday drops without shattering. If you want to experience old-school rig use, a quartz banger is also included to provide elite flavor and heat retention.

The Heavy Duty Rig sports an easy-to-clean design that can be kept crystal-clear with the Higher Standards ISO Pure and Salt Rox.


G Pen Connect X Higher Standards Rig Bundle
G Pen Connect Vaporizer E-Nail
Long Lasting 850mAh Magnetic Battery
Grenco Science's Patented Reverse Airflow Technology
Convenient Spring-Loaded Carb Release Button
Pure Ceramic Heating Element
Magnetic Tank Cap Included
7mm Thick Glass Construction
Quartz Banger Included
Double-Sided Dab Tool Included

How To Use Your G Pen Connect Vaporizer

1. Load your wax or shatter concentrate into the ceramic tank, then secure the included magnetic cap.
2. Connect the tank to the top of the battery with the magnetic plate, then insert the glass adapter into the open end.
3. Insert the glass end into your water pipe.
4. Five clicks will power up your G Pen Connect. Three more clicks will cycle through the three pre-set voltage options.
5. After choosing your desired temperature, two clicks allows your Connect to begin the heating. During the heat-up, the Connect's button will blink for five seconds before holding solid for 10 seconds to indicate it’s fully heated and ready to rip!
6. Take a draw and enjoy!

Additional Tips For Using Your G-Pen Connect

To cancel the heat-up process after your Connect has started heating, simply press the button again.
You can also press and hold the button to manually heat the Connect for up to 15 seconds.

G Pen Connect Pre-Set Heat Settings

Your Connect comes pre-set with 3 optimized heating settings. Toggle through the settings by clicking the button 3 times.

Blue | 3.1 Volts
Green | 3.6 Volts
Red | 4.1 Volts

What's Included?

1x G Pen Connect Battery
1x G Pen Connect Tank
1x G Pen Connect Housing
1x G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter (14mm)
1x G Pen Connect Male Glass Adapter
1x Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig
1x Quartz Banger



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