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Grenco Science G Pen Elite Vaporizer Badwood Edition

The G Pen Elite, from Grenco Science, is one of the most compact, ergonomic dry herb vaporizers available.  The Badwood Edition of the Elite vaporizer is the result of Los Angeles based artist Natalie Wood teaming up with Grenco Science.  Featuring a tattoo-esque design with barbed wire and roses, the Elite does not lack in style points.  Included with the vaporizer is a clutch bag showcasing the Badwood Ski Mask Girl. Designed specifically for use with dry herb material, its strong ABS plastic construction ensures that this pen will hold up even for the biggest dry herb enthusiasts.  The Elite utilizes a revolutionary convection/conduction heating system with temperatures ranging from 200° - 428°F while boasting a heating chamber large enough to hold .75 grams of your dry herb material.  This large, 360 degree ceramic chamber provides consistent, thorough convection vaporization.  The built-in LED screen interface makes adjusting the temperature a piece of cake.  The Elite's small and compact size makes it easy to throw in your pocket, and fits conveniently in the palm of your hand.

What's Included?

Badwood Edition G Pen Elite Vaporizer
USB Charging Cable
Badwood Edition Tray
Badwood Edition Bottle Opener G Card
Badwood Ski Mask Girl Clutch
Ski Mask Compact Mirror
Temporary Lip Tattoo Set
Sticker Sheet
Adhesive Bandage Set
G Pen Elite Keychain Tool
Cleaning Brush



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