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Grenco Science G Pen Nova Vaporizer

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About The G Pen Nova Vaporizer

Grenco Science has engineered one of the most compact vape pens available in the form of the G Pen Nova. Conveniently enjoy concentrates from G Pen's proprietary tanks which extract the full tastes and flavors of your material with each draw. Seamlessly toggle between three pre-set voltages to enjoy your idea vape experience whenever, wherever you please.

An LED light is assigned to each temperature setting: 3.2V is blue, 3.5V green, and 3.9V red. Pass-through charging allows you to continue your vape session while it is plugged in, ensuring you'll never miss a beat. Compact, versatile, and powerful, the G Pen Nova is a vape pen like no other.


Grenco Science G Pen Nova Concentrate Vaporizer
Powerful & Long Lasting 300mah Battery
Universal 510 Threaded Connection
Convenient Pass-Through Charging Allows You To Vape While Powering Up
3 Optimized Preset Variable Voltage Settings
3.2V | 3.5V | 3.9V
Designed For Use With Waxy Oil Concentrates
Extended Draw Mode For Even Larger Rips
Convenient Integrated Ceramic Loading Tool

How Do I Load My G Pen Nova Tank?

Simply remove the mouthpiece from the G Pen Nova tank by gently pulling it upward. Use the ceramic pick attached to the mouthpiece to scoop up your desired amount of waxy oil and then insert into the tank by reattaching the mouthpiece.

How do I turn my G Pen Nova On / Off?

After you've fully charged your G Pen Nova Vaporizer, click the power button 5 times. The button will blink 3 times to let you know it has powered on. To power off, simply click the power button 5 more times.

How do I change the voltage of my G Pen Nova?

Your G Pen Nova features three preset voltage settings, 3.2V, 3.5V & 3.9V. To toggle through the different voltages, simply click the power button 3 times. The LED button on the power button will change colors to indicate your current voltage settings.

Low (Blue) - 3.2V

Medium (Green) - 3.5V

High (Red) - 3.9V

What's Included?

G Pen Nova Vaporizer Battery
G Pen Nova Tank
Micro USB Charging Cable



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