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Grav Labs 90˚ "Phoenix" Ash Catcher with Removable Top

Glass Bowl Included Borosilicate Glass Icon

Joint | 14mm Male or 18mm Male

Height | 6 Inches

About The Grav Labs "Phoenix" Ash Catcher

The Grav Labs "Phoenix" Ash Catcher features a thick glass herb bowl along with a sturdy 29mm joint removable glass top. The perfect addition to any bong, simply attach the ash catcher to your 14mm or 18mm female jointed water pipe and instantly begin enjoying cooler, cleaner smoke with the benefits of additional water filtration. Ash catchers also help to keep your bong cleaner by filtering your smoke before it enters the main chamber of your pipe. Looking for even cooler smoke? Drop a few ice cubes into the ice chamber with its conveniently removable 29mm joint top.


90˚ "Phoenix" Ash Catcher From Grav Labs
Handcrafted In The USA
6 Inch Height & 1.5 Inch Diameter
Removable 29mm Joint Top For Ice Chamber
Clear Borosilicate Glass Composition For Lasting Durability
Compatible With Female Jointed Water Pipes
90 Degree Joint

What's Included?

Grav Labs 90˚ "Phoenix" Ashcatcher
Removable 29mm Joint Top
Glass Funnel Bowl

Choose From

14mm Male Joint | 18mm Male Joint



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