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Grav Chiller Multi Kit Pipe

Glass Bowl Included Borosilicate Glass Icon

Height | 4.5 Inches

Joint | 14mm Female

About The GRAV® Chiller Multi Kit Pipe

Grav Labs makes it easier than ever to take your glycerin pipe on the go with you, so you can enjoy perfectly cooled hits anytime, anywhere. Not only is the Chiller Multi Kit extremely convenient, but it also lets you choose how you want to use it, with interchangeable attachments for use with dry herb or concentrates.

An upgrade from a traditional ice catcher, the glycerin mouthpiece provides icy cooling of your smoke without leaving a mess from melting ice cubes. Simply place your glycerin mouthpiece in the freezer before your smoke session, then take it out when you're ready to burn.

The Chiller Multi Kit includes three attachments, a bubbler, and traditional bowl, both for dry herb, along with a nectar collector so you can use your pipe as a dab straw for wax and shatter concentrates. All three attachments have 14mm male joints to fit perfectly in the 14mm female joint of the glycerin mouthpiece. Each of the three attachments are held securely in place by an included keck clip.

The included keck clips ensures the connections of your pipe always stay securely attached. Designed and distributed by Grav labs in Austin, TX.


Chiller Multi Kit Pipe From GRAV®
Designed In Austin, Texas
Thick Borosilicate Glass Composition For Lasting Durability
Freezable Glycerin Mouthpiece With 3 Attachments
Fixed Downstem Bubbler Attachment
Glass Herb Bowl Attachment
Nectar Collector Attachment
Keck Clip Included To Ensure Secure Connection

What's Included?

Grav Chiller Multi Kit Pipe
Fixed Downstem Bubbler Attachment
Glass Herb Bowl Attachment
Nectar Collector Attachment
Keck Clip



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