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Grav Labs Gravitron Bong

Glass Bowl IncludedBorosilicate Glass Icon

Joint | 12mm Female

Height | 11 Inches or 14 Inches

About The Grav Labs Gravitron Bong

This isn't the gravity bong you made in your college dorm room. The Grav Labs Gravitron consistently produces very potent hits. The flagship product of the Grav Labs lineup became the world's first all glass gravity smoking device in 2004, and lives on today as it continues to be a crowd pleaser across the smoking community.

How To Use Your Gravitron Bong

To maximize your experience when operating the Gravitron, simply fill the outer chamber until the water level reaches just slightly below the decal. The bottle should rest inside the water when the included 12mm bowl is lit. Slowly pull the glass bottle upward, watching it fill with smoke. Finally, remove the bowl, inhale through the mouthpiece of the bottle as you push the bottle back down into the water, and enjoy! This process creates a perfectly pressurized flow of smoke to yield fast and powerful hits.

While the Gravitron's function is impressive and mesmerizing to watch, you'll be even more impressed after trying it for yourself. After a just a couple hits of tasty pressurized smoke being delivered straight into your lungs, you'll see for yourself why we love the Gravitron so much.

Zero smoke goes to waste when using your Gravitron correctly. The Gravitron's thick, durable scientific glass composition means you won't have to worry about your clumsy friends dropping it. In the off chance that any of the parts on your Grav Labs Gravitron break or malfunction, there are many OEM replacement pieces available. Label color may vary.


Gravitron Bong From Grav Labs
Matching Glass Bowl & Slide Included
Clear Scientific Glass Composition For Long Lasting Durability
Rubber Grommet Creates Airtight Seal
Available In Your Choice Of 11" & 14"

What's Included?

Grav Labs Gravitron Bong
Matching Glass Slide
Glass Funnel Bowl

Choose From

11 Inch | 14 Inch



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