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Grav Labs x Jane West Bubbler

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Height | 6 Inches

About The Jane West Bubbler Pipe

Featuring Jane West's trademark minimalist design, the Jane West Bubbler hand pipe delivers thorough filtration for ultra smooth draws. Its uniquely shaped main chamber with inward curved sides contains a durable fixed downstem to carry your smoke down into the water where it cools and filters to perfection. The Jane West branded mouthpiece extends off of the water chamber, providing ample distance between your dry herb bowl and mouth. Every pipe from the esteemed Jane West line is carefully crafted from thick borosilicate glass for long lasting durability.


Grav Labs x Jane West Bubbler Pipe
Uniquely Shaped Main Chamber With Inward Curved Sides
Thick Cobalt Colored Glass Composition
Left Side-Carb Air Hole For Airflow Control
Durable Fixed Downstem Design
Supreme Water Filtration Perfectly Cools Smoke
Angled Mouthpiece Extends From Chamber

What's Included?

Grav Labs x Jane West Bubbler Pipe



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