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Grav Labs O.G. Upline Water Pipe

Glass Bowl Included Borosilicate Glass Icon

Joint | 14mm Female

Height | 12 Inches

About The Grav Labs O.G. Upline Bong

Standing at 12 inches tall, the O.G. Upline Water Pipe from Grav Labs is one of the coolest and most functional designs out there. Starting with the vertical downstem which catches ash at the bottom of the pipe, your smoke then begins its journey up the stack, bubbling through each chamber of the ladder perc. Your smoke then enters the upper chamber and angled neck mouthpiece, which both act as splashguards to keep your mouth and lips dry as you enjoy perfectly filtered, smooth and tasty rips.

Crafted from 38mm glass tubing, this powerful water pipe is built to last. The Upline Water Pipe comes ready to use with a 14mm Octobowl. For the most enjoyable smoking experience, fill your O.G. Upline Water Pipe with approximately 1 inch of water.

The decal color on this bong varies, and may come in black, white, blue, green, red, purple, yellow, orange, or etch.


O.G. Upline Water Pipe From Grav Labs
Angled Neck Design Functions As Splashguard
38mm Thick Borosilicate Glass For Lasting Durability
Vertical Downstem Catches Ash In Bottom Of Pipe
14mm Female Joint
Compatible With 14mm Male Jointed Bowls & Attachments
14mm Male Glass Octobowl Bowl Included
Ladder Perc Washes & Filters Smoke As It Climbs The Pipe
Sturdy Reinforced Dewar's Joint
Easy To Clean Stemless Design

What's Included?

Grav Labs O.G. Upline Water Pipe
14mm Male Glass Octobowl Bowl



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