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GRAV® Upline Hammer Bubbler Pipe

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Height | 5 Inches

About The GRAV® Upline Hammer Bubbler Pipe

This thick glass hammer style bubbler pipe from the Grav Labs Upline collection is the perfect choice for a daily driver. Crafted entirely from durable, clear borosilicate glass, the Upline Hammer Bubbler features the trademark Grav Labs forced stacked percs found in all of the pipes across the the Upline lineup. These percs can be found circling the diffused downstem in the water chamber, and also at the end the mouthpiece.

Each of the Upline rings work as filters to prevent any ash from passing through into your mouth. Two glass feet keep your pipe upright on a table to prevent it from tipping. The signature Upline logo comes in three randomly chosen colors.


Upline Hammer Bubbler Pipe From Grav Labs
Thick Borosilicate Glass Composition For Lasting Durability
Grav Labs Upline Logo On Front Of Water Chamber
Three Upline Rings Through The Steamroller
Side Carb Hole For Airflow Control
Sturdy Glass Feet Keep Pipe Upright

What's Included?

Grav Labs Upline Hammer Bubbler Pipe



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