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Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker Bong

The 710 Source | Glass Bowl IncludedMade In The USA IconBorosilicate Glass Icon

Height | 14.25 Inches

Joint | 14mm Ground Glass Connection

About The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker

Designed to deliver powerful hits with maximum water filtration, the Heavy Duty Beaker Bong is as elegant as it is functional. Your smoke passes through the slitted diffused downstem where it filters & cools, creating tiny bubbles in the wide beaker base water chamber.

Included with your Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker, you'll receive a matching glass bowl, removable diffused downstem, custom ice mold for even cooler, smoother smoke, and a protective collector’s case for safe storage between sessions.


Heavy Duty Beaker Bong Handcrafted In The USA  By Higher Standards
Thick, Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass Composition
Heavy Duty, Durable Design For Long Lasting Durability
Premium Quality Beaker Style Water Pipe
Slitted Diffused Downstem To Cool & Filter Smoke
Wide Beaker Base Prevents Accidental Tipping
Custom Ice Mold For The Smoothest, Coolest Hits
High Thermal Resistance To Withstand Temperature Differences
Premium Higher Standards Collector's Case For Safe Storage And Transportation
Easy-to-Disassemble Design For Easy Cleaning

Recommended Cleaning Supplies: Higher Standards ISO Pure & Salt Rox

What's Included?

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker
Higher Standards Custom Ice Mold
Removable Diffused Downstem
Matching Glass Bowl
Higher Standards Premium Collector's Case



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