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Higher Standards Pipe Stix

About The Higher Standards Pipe Stix

Designed to be used as a two-in-one tool, Higher Standards Pipe Stix are perfect for cleaning any pipe, bong, dab rig, or vaporizer. The premium cotton-tipped side is safe for use on delicate glass surfaces and easily absorbs Higher Standards ISO Pure. The dart-shaped cotton tip is crafted to prevent any cotton remnants from becoming dislodged inside your device, a common problem that occurs with standard cotton swabs. The flat-tipped side of the Pipe Stix is perfect for chiseling out tougher, stuck-on residue.


60 Pack Higher Standards Pipe Stix
Premium Cotton Tipped Side With Dart Shaped Tip
Designed To Prevent Cotton Remnants From Getting Stuck In Your Pipe
Opposite End Features Flat Tip To Chisel Out Dense Residue
Keep Your Glass In Pristine Condition For More Enjoyable, Tasty Smoke Sessions

What's Included?

Pack Of 60 Higher Standards Pipe Stix



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