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Higher Standards Salt Rox

Size | 23 Oz.

About The Higher Standards Salt Rox

Higher Standards Salt Rox are coarse granules of rock salt that have been finely milled to a consistent, small size to easily clean all of those hard to reach places in your bongs and dab rigs. Salt Rox are mildly abrasive, and scrub away the toughest stuck-on residue to leave your smoking devices looking and performing their best. When used in conjunction with Higher Standards ISO Pure, the buildup and residue in your pipe is quickly loosened and dissolved.


23 Oz. Bottle Of Higher Standards Salt Rox
Finely Milled Rock Salt Helps Break Up Pipe Residue
Uniform Grind To Ensure Deep Cleanse
Safe For Use On Glass, Metal & Silicone Surfaces
Keep Your Glass In Pristine Condition For More Enjoyable, Tasty Smoke Sessions

How To Use Higher Standards Salt Rox

Fill your glass pipe with ISO Pure. At the same time, add Higher Standards Salt Rox. ISO Pure works in conjunction with Salt Rox to break down tougher, stuck-on residues. After your pipe is filled with ISO Pure cleaning solution, use Higher Standards Tube Tops to plug the openings of your pipe, then swish the cleaning solution around by shaking your pipe. Allow the solution soak in your pipe for ten minutes, then empty the chamber. Thoroughly rinse the chamber with water a few times until your water pipe is crystal clean.

ISO Pure can also be safely used to clean vaporizers and vape pens, allowing you to clean dirty surfaces including control interfaces, herbal heating chambers, wax atomizers, and sticky vapor paths. Simply dab your pipe cleaner, q-tip, brush or cloth in ISO Pure and wipe down your vaporizer. Most removable parts can safely be soaked in ISO Pure for ten minutes to remove heavy, built-up residue.

What's Included?

Higher Standards Salt Rox - 23 Oz. Bottle



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