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Higher Standards Tube Tops Silicone Stoppers

About Higher Standards Tube Tops

The Higher Standards Tube Tops are a must-have accessory for your bong or dab rig. An essential part of your pipe cleaning ritual, simply plug the openings of your water pipe with a Tube Top and enjoy a worry-free, spill-free cleaning experience. Made from premium-grade silicone, Tube Tops also function as scent-stoppers to make traveling with your piece a more discreet adventure.


Pack Of 6 Higher Standards Tube Tops Silicone Stoppers
37mm Plug | 18mm Plug | 13mm Plug | 3mm Plug | 2 x 1.5mm Plugs
Keep Your Glass In Pristine Condition For More Enjoyable Smoke Sessions
Made From Food-Grade Silicone

How To Use Higher Standards Tube Tops

Fill your glass pipe with Higher Standards ISO Pure. After your pipe is filled with ISO Pure cleaning solution, use Higher Standards Tube Tops to plug the openings of your pipe, then swish the cleaning solution around by shaking your pipe. Allow the solution soak in your pipe for ten minutes, then empty the chamber. Thoroughly rinse the chamber with water a few times until your water pipe is crystal clean.

For a deeper, more thorough clean, add Higher Standards Salt Rox when filling your water pipe with ISO Pure. ISO Pure works in conjunction with Salt Rox to break down tougher, stuck-on residues.

What's Included?

6 Higher Standards Tube Tops
37mm Plug
18mm Plug
13mm Plug
3mm Plug
2 x 1.5mm Plugs



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