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Honey Dabber II

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About The Honey Dabber II Dab Straw

The Honey Dabber II is an elegant cherry wood dab straw designed for use with your favorite waxy oil concentrates. Available with either a quartz straw, or titanium straw depending on your preference. Simply heat the titanium or quarz tip with your torch, and dip the heated end into your concentrate dish while inhaling. Most dab straws require you to wait for the heated tip to cool off after each use, however the Honey Dabber II fixes that problem with its protective cherry wood sleeve which safely covers the heated end.


Honey Dabber II From HoneyLabs
Available In Your Choice Of Quartz or Titanium Heating Tip
Built-In Magnetic Connection Provides Secure Closure
Elegant Cherry Wood Outer Construction
User-Friendly Design
Made In Northeast Ohio, USA

What's Included?

Honey Dabber 2 Cherry Wood Body
Your Choice Of Quartz Heating Tip or Titanium Heating Tip

Choose From

Quartz Tip Honey Dabber II | Titanium Tip Honey Dabber II

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