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HYER Big-E Rig

Wax Vaporizer

About The Hyer Big-E Rig

Transform your glass dab rig into a portable e-rig with the revolutionary HYER Big-E™. With the Big-E's high grade ceramic heating element there's no longer a need to use a butane torch to heat your nail. This high-tech device features an expandable base allowing nearly any glass water pipe to fit seamlessly. Flat base, beaker pipes, the Big-E can handle them all. Optimized with precision temperature control, you can easily dial in your ideal temperature making the Big-E perfect for those tasty low-temp dabs. Its long lasting, powerful battery can handle a solid two hours of use, or about 25 dab sessions.


HYER Big-E Rig
Ultra-Convenient Torchless Dabbing
Optimized Precision Temperature Control Ranging From 320F To 852F
Adjustable Clamping Mechanism Compatible With Nearly All Water Pipes
Cordless & Portable Design Makes Dabbing On The Go Easier Than Ever
Easy-Read LED Function Indicator
Soft Silicone Traction Grips
Compatible with 90% of Glass Pipes
Rapid 90 Second Heat-up Time
Made from High Grade Pure Quartz Glass
Perfect For Low-Temp Dabs
Precise Optimized Temperature Control

What's Included?

HYER Big-E Rig Clamp On Base
Male Quartz Banger
Female Quartz Banger
18mm Adapter
Docking Station
30W Heating Element
18W Wall Charging Adapter
4 x 3300 mAh Batteries
SmartSwitch™ Magnetic Cable
USB C Charging Cable
Carb Cap/Concentrate Tool
*Note: Glass Pipe Not Included*
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