Marble Studded Dab Rig With Colored Accents

Quartz Banger Included | The710Source.comHigh-Grade Borosilicate Glass IconMade In The USA Icon

Joint | 14mm Female

Height | 6.5 Inches

About The Marble Studded Dab Rig With Colored Accents

This compact and powerful dab rig has a whole lot of artistic shapes going on with it. The placement of the colored marble accents the curvature of the bongs water chamber perfectly. An additional marble dewars joint and the construction of the joint's bridge are neatly shaped to make this little rig stand out from similar water pipes.

Crafted from durable borosilicate glass in California, the glass marble on the rig's backside and mouthpiece both feature matching colored accents giving a creative touch to a structurally elegant dab rig. The 14mm female joint is reinforced by a uniquely designed marble style dewars joint and holds a 4mm thick angled top quartz banger nail. Water and smoke flow through the chamber together with the help of a naturally aspirated sturdy fixed downstem perc, with the bent neck acting as a splashguard.


Marble Studded Dab Rig With Colored Accents
Carefully Crafted In California
14mm Female Joint | Compatible With 14mm Male Jointed Nails & Bangers
Matching 14mm Male Quartz Banger Included
Flat Top Quartz Banger Is 4mm Thick
Thick Glass Composition For Lasting Durability
Wide Hourglass Base Prevents Accidental Tipping
Available In Your Choice Of 6 Accent Colors
Flared Mouthpiece Fits Comfortably Around Your Lips For An Airtight Seal

What's Included?

Marble Studded Dab Rig With Colored Accents
14mm Male Quartz Banger

Choose From

Amethyst | Emerald | Frost
Jade | Onyx | Sapphire



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