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Magic Flight Jak D'Rippa E-Nail

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About The Magic Flight Jak D'Rippa E-Nail

Made in San Diego, California by Magic Flight, the Jak D'Rippa E-Nail allows you to vaporize your waxy oils straight from the dish. No more blowtorch, no more messes. The Jak D'Rippa E-Nail allows you to vape dip stick style, or dab style, with less hassle and mess than traditional e-nails. Featuring a unique, compact design, you won't be disappointed by the size of the clouds this thing produces.


Torchless Style E-Nail
Multiple Draw Methods
Adjustable Power For Customized Experience
Hand-Crafted in U.S. By Magic Flight

User-Friendly Design

The Jak D'Rippa E-Nail from Magic Flight utilizes a user-friendly design to make this E-Nail easier than ever to use. Plug in the AC power adapter and use the rotary control knob to adjust the power. Swap between the Rip-Tip and Rip-Receiver in just seconds. The included 18 inch whip features a hand carved maple connection.

What's Included?

Magic Flight Jak D'Rippa E-Nail
18 Inch Maple Whip Tube
2 Inch Rubber Tube Connector
Power Adapter
Rip-Tip Wicking Attachment
Rip-Receiver Wicking Attachment
Instruction Booklet

Lifetime Warranty



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