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MagicalButter Non-Stick Butter Tray

Easily divide and store your dry herb infused butter with the MagicalButter Butter Tray. Full sticks are quickly and easily portioned out into eight tablespoons with easy to read markings. Food grade, heat resistant silicone provides a safe surface to store four full-size sticks of butter along with one fun-sized stick. The MagicalButter Butter Tray is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and care.


MagicalButter Non-Stick Silicone Butter Tray
Heat Resistant Premium-Grade Silicone Construction
Dishwasher Safe For Easy Cleaning & Care

How To Make MagicalButter

Add your decarbed dry herb to the MagicalButter infusion machine. Then add approximately 2-5 cups of melted clarified butter. Secure the lid and press the temperature button for 160F°, then press the '2 Hours/Butter' button. Once the cycle has completed, unplug the unit and remove the lid. Using the included non-stick silicone LoveGlove, pour the machine's contents into the included Purify Filter. The final step is to pour your filtered contents into the rubber molds or your desired container, then allow to cool.

What's Included?

MagicalButter Butter Tray



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