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MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Rig

Quartz Banger IncludedBorosilicate Glass Icon

Height | 4 Inches

Joint | 10mm Female 

About The MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Dab Rig

Conveniently pocket-sized, surprisingly powerful, the MJ Arsenal Atlas miniature dab rig features a magical double-ball chamber to delivers ultra-smooth, flavorful rips. This portable little dab rig's eye catching spherical design ensures premium water filtration while keeping water contained inside the chamber without leaking into the air path. Carefully crafted with heat-resistant borosilicate glass to preserve the natural flavors or your wax and shatter concentrates. You'll also receive a matching 10mm male jointed pure quartz banger with your Atlas Mini Rig.


Atlas Miniature Dab Rig From MJ Arsenal
Convenient Water Filtration For On-The-Go Sessions
Crafted From Pure High-Grade Borosilicate Glass For Long Lasting Durability
Custom-Made Quartz Banger Included
Double Ball Chamber Design Keeps Water In The Chamber
Honeycomb Percolator Filters & Cools Your Vapor
100% Quartz Banger Included
Flared Mouthpiece Design Fits Comfortably Around Your Mouth
Ground Glass Connection

What's Included?

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Dab Rig
100% Quartz Banger



Ask a Question
  • Is this the updated version with the 10mm joint?

    Yes, all of the MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs now have the 10mm joint!