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MJ Arsenal Blunt-O-Lantern Bubbler

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About The MJ Arsenal Blunt-O-Lantern Bubbler

Light up your Halloween with the latest limited edition blunt bubbler from MJ Arsenal - the Blunt-O-Lantern! This full-color borosilicate bubbler comes packed with advanced water filtration technologies, carved into this classic Halloween icon. Twist one up in the Blunt-O-Lantern and enjoy spooky smooth smoke to the very last puff!

The MJ Arsenal Blunt-O-Lantern is a Limited Edition release - available only while supplies last!


The Blunt-O-Lantern Bubbler From MJ Arsenal
Spill Resistant Design | Easy Passing With No Worries Of Spilling
Designed Specifically For Use With Blunts & Rolled Items
High-Grade Borosilicate Glass Composition | Long Lasting & Durable Design
Detailed Glass Jack-O-Lantern | Perfect For Halloween Parties
Simple Set Up, Easy To Use

How Does It Work?

1. Fill the Blunt-O-Lantern about 1/3 full of water.
2.  Insert your blunt or preferred rolled item into the wide opening on the Blunt-O-Lantern.
3. Enjoy!


The Blunt-O-Lantern Blunt Bubbler can be cleaned safely by using isopropyl alcohol. Ensure all alcohol is fully rinsed before use.

What's Included?

MJ Arsenal Blunt-O-Lantern Blunt Bubbler



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