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About The MJ Arsenal Quartz Carb Caps

These high-grade quartz Carb Caps from MJ Arsenal are designed for use with all MJ Arsenal Quartz bangers to ensure an efficient and enjoyable Mini Dab Rig session. Available in your choice of two unique styles, both a Flat Carb Cap as well as a Bubble Carb Cap, to allow your Mini Dab Rig to retain heat for optimized vaporization and preserve the pure tastes and flavors of your wax or shatter concentrates. To use, simply apply your concentrate material to the heated quartz banger as you normally would, then cover quartz banger with the carb cap, using the top air hole to control and regulate airflow. Ideal for low-temp dabs!

About The Directional Carb Cap

The Flat Carb Cap creates the perfect seal and pushes air into the hard-to-reach places of your quartz bucket for efficient vaporization of your concentrate. This revolutionary accessory is designed with a knob handle on top to protect you from burns.

About The Bubble Carb Cap

The unique bulb design of the Bubble Cap allows you to effortlessly control the direction of airflow. Although the Bubble Cap is designed for MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs, it fits securely in most generic quartz attachments.


MJ Arsenal Carb Cap
Made From 100% High-Grade Quartz
Available In Your Choice Of Bubble Carb Cap & Directional Carb Cap
Controls Airflow Direction & Protects From Burns
Ideal For Vaporization At Low Temperatures
Designed Specifically For MJ Arsenal Products


Your MJ Arsenal Carb Cap can be cleaned safely by using isopropyl alcohol. Ensure all alcohol is fully rinsed before use.

What's Included?

MJ Arsenal Carb Cap

Choose From

Bubble Carb Cap | Directional Carb Cap



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