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MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Rig

Quartz Banger IncludedBorosilicate Glass Icon

Joint | 10mm Female


Hydra Miniature Dab Rig From MJ Arsenal
Convenient Water Filtration For On-The-Go Sessions
Crafted From Pure High-Grade Borosilicate Glass For Long Lasting Durability
Custom-Made Quartz Banger Included
Triple Hole Percolator Filters & Cools Your Vapor
100% Quartz Banger Included
Flared Mouthpiece Design Fits Comfortably Around Your Mouth
Innovative Spill-Resistant Design
Klein Recycler Repeatedly Filters Your Vapor Before Reaching Your Lips

What's Included?

MJ Arsenal Hydra Mini Dab Rig
100% Quartz Banger
Due to current legislation and legal restrictions in some states, shipping times for this product may be slightly delayed. Orders placed to the following states may take an additional 3-4 business days to be delivered. Here at The 710 Source, we are always checking to make sure we are in legal compliance in order to reduce risk for us, our partners, and customers. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Idaho, South Dakota, Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia


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