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MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler Joint Bubbler & Mini Rig

Quartz Banger IncludedBorosilicate Glass Icon

Joint | 10mm Female

About The MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler

The Merlin Rollie Bubbler and Mini-Rig from MJ Arsenal is beautiful glass piece designed for dual-use functionality to deliver pure magic. Featuring an elegant recycler design, the Merlin maximizes surface area by pulling water into the higher chamber, filtering and cooling your smoke through the water multiple times. Designed with a female joint capable of holding your rolled dry material, as well as the included custom-made quartz banger dab for your liquid and solid concentrates. Lightweight, conveniently compact, and easy-to-use, the Merlin is ideal both for sessions at home or on-the-go.


MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler Joint/Blunt Bubbler™ & Mini-Rig
Convenient Water Filtration For On-The-Go Sessions
Recycler System Design Cools Smoke Or Vapor By Repeatedly Filtering Through Water Chamber
Crafted From High-Grade Borosilicate Glass For Long Lasting Durability
Custom-Made Quartz Banger Included

What's Included?

MJ Arsenal Merlin Recycler Joint Bubbler & Mini Dab Rig
High-Grade Quartz Banger
Carb Plug
Banger Clip



Ask a Question
  • Custom made banger so that means that I can only find the size joint for this rig from you guys?

    Replacement bangers for the Merlin Recycler can be ordered individually (or as many as you'd like) either here or directly from MJ Arsenal at mjarsenal.com.  I hope that's helpful! 

    Becky | Dab Master Team