My Bud Vase Bongs | The 710 Source

My Bud Vase "Flamingo" Bong

The 710 Source | Glass Bowl Included

Height | 8 Inches

Width | 3 Inches

Joint | Female Rubber Grommet

About The My Bud Vase "Flamingo" Bong

Named after the official bird of Madison, Wisconsin, the Flamingo waterpipe from My Bud Vase is a vibrant beauty with all the character to match.

Bright, lavish pink glass is blown into a bubble beaker style, and unlike it's bird beaked brethren this bong features a gold plated straight neck with a smooth rounded mouthpiece topping the piece off. Flamingos generally like to do their Flamenco dance in mudflats or lagoons, where they can find their glib prey. This Flamingo would rather congregate on a tabletop or shelf in your home, blending into it's surroundings as a lovely vase with feathered accents which also doubles as a bowl poker tool. The bowl itself is nested comfortably in the downstem with the help of a rubber o-ring that creates an airtight seal and flow control.

This Flamingo is tagged in style with the My Bud Vase logo etched into the gold coated neck, and includes a certificate of authenticity from the My Bud Vase team. A wonderfully crafted waterpipe indeed that could easy become your Flamin-go to daily flyer, get this quality Bud Vase today!


"Flamingo" Water Pipe From My Bud Vase
Feather Poker Tool Included
Flared Mouthpiece For Comfortable Seal Around Your Mouth
Rubber Grommet Joint Creates Airtight Seal
Matching Slide Bowl Included
3" Wide Base Ensures Stability To Prevent Tipping
45° Joint

What's Included?

My Bud Vase "Flamingo" Bong
Matching Glass Slide Bowl
Feather Poker Tool
My Bud Vase Certificate Of Authenticity



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