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My Bud Vase "Rose" Water Pipe

The 710 Source | Glass Bowl Included

Height | 8 Inches

Width | 4 Inches

Joint | Female Rubber Grommet

About The My Bud Vase "Rose" Water Pipe

The My Bud Vase "Rose" Water Pipe features beauty from head to toe while also being a fully functional bong. With an expertly made grommet style joint, the conveniently included 2.5" bowl slide fits perfectly to ensure that no smoke escapes. The slide even has a convenient handle for easy grip and removal. Rose's main feature is a decorative rose on the opposite side of the rubber grommet joint. The relief flower not only looks like a real rose complete with petals and leafs, but also comes in your choice of matching glossy ivory or striking yet natural pink. Roses symbolize new beginnings, just like My Bud Vase has created another unique, style-altering bong for the smoking community.

The My Bud Vase "Rose" Water Pipe is the perfect gift that would not only be utilized for its smoking purposes, but for its overall elegance as well. Between smoke sessions, simply insert the included faux flower poker into the flared mouthpiece and now you have a stylish work of art that'll be sure to turn heads. Beautiful flowers are always perfect for loved ones and romantic gestures, and "Rose" is no different.


My Bud Vase "Rose" Water Pipe
Faux Flower Poker Included
Matching Glass Funnel Bowl Bowl With Pinch Handle Included
Thick Porcelain Construction For Long Lasting Durability
Rubber Grommet Style Female Joint
Grommet Style Glass Standard Downstem Included
My Bud Vase Certificate Of Authenticity Included
Available With Your Choice Of Ivory Or Pink Porcelain Rose
Can Be Used As A Real Vase Between Smoking Sessions
Fixed Downstem Filters & Cools Your Smoke
Thick Colored Glass Composition For Long Lasting Durability
45° Joint

What's Included?

My Bud Vase "Rose" Water Pipe
Glass Funnel Bowl With Pinch Handle
Grommet Style Glass Standard Downstem
Faux Flower Poker
My Bud Vase Certificate Of Authenticity

Choose From

Pink | Ivory



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