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Nucleus Alcohol & Salt Cleaning Combo

About The Nucleus Alcohol & Salt Cleaning Combo

Clean even the dirtiest, grimiest of bongs and pipes easier than ever before with 99% pure isopropyl alcohol and coarse rock salt. Nucleus "IPA Clear" cuts through tough, stuck on residue from your pipes, bongs and dab rigs. For best results, add Nucleus "NaCl" Rock Salt to your piece before pouring in "IPA Clear". Plug the openings of your bong, pipe, or dab rig and shake to clean the interior of your pipe. Pour the isopropyl alchohol/salt solution out, then thoroughly rinse with water. Each bottle of "IPA Clear" contains 16 fl oz of 99% pure isopropyl alcohol.


Nucleus Alcohol & Salt Cleaning Combo
"IPA Clear" 99% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol & "NaCl" Rock Salt
Keep Your Glass Pipes In Pristine Condition
Simply Pour "NaCl" Rock Salt Into Your Glass Pipe, Then Pour In "IPA Clear" Alcohol
Plug All Openings & Shake Pipe
Thoroughly Rinse Your Pipe With Water & Allow To Dry

What's Included?

16 Oz Nucleus "NaCl" Rock Salt
16 Fl Oz Nucleus "IPA Clear" 99% Isopropyl Alcohol



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