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Nucleus Glycerin Coil Bong with Colored Inline Perc

Glass Bowl IncludedBorosilicate Glass Icon

Height | 13 Inches

Joint | 14mm Female


Glycerin Coil Bong with Inline Perc From Nucleus
High Grade Borosilicate Glass Composition For Long Lasting Durability & Strength
14mm Female Joint | Compatible with 14mm Male Jointed Attachments
Matching 14mm Male Deep Glass Bowl Included
Available In Your Choice Of 4 Colors
Blue | Green | Black | Clear
Keck Clip Included To Ensure Secure Attachment Of Chambers
Inline Perc Diffuses Your Smoke With Intense Tiny Bubbles
Thick Clear Scientific Glass Composition With Colored Accent Glass
Flared Base For Stability To Prevent Accidental Tipping
Flared Mouthpiece Fits Comfortably Around Your Lips For An Airtight Seal
Condenser Coil
90° Joint

What's Included?

Nucleus Glycercin Coil Bong
Matching 14mm Male Glass Bowl
Keck Clip

Choose From

Blue | Green | Black | Clear



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