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The Happy Dab Kit

About The Happy Dab Kit

The Happy Dab Kit Bundle Set is an all-inclusive nectar collector kit to enjoy convenient on-the-go dabs, anytime, anywhere. The included protective case protects all of your dabbing supplies, withstanding the bumps and bruises of your travels and adventures. The activated carbon liner keeps those pesky odors and smells from escaping at inconvenient times.

A nectar collector is a compact and portable dabbing device which works as a straw for your favorite wax and shatter concentrates. Simply heat the titanium tip with the included butane torch, then dip the heated tip into your concentrate jar. Inhale through the mouthpiece as your wax or shatter is instantly vaporized, then passing through the water chamber where your vapor is filtered and cooled to deliver clean and smooth dabs, every time.


The Happy Dab Kit Bundle Set
All-Inclusive Nectar Collector Travel Kit
Thick Glass Composition With High-Grade Titanium Tip
Protective Shockproof & Odor Resistant Case
Activated Carbon Liner Keeps Smells From Escaping
Non-Stick Silicone Wax Storage Containers
Compact & Refillable Butane Torch

What's Included?

The Happy Dab Kit Bundle Set
Shock-Proof Case
Nectar Collector
2 x 5ML Wax Storage Containers
Dab Tool
Butane Torch



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