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Vivant Dabox Vaporizer

Wax Vaporizer2 Year Warranty

About The Vivant Dabox Vaporizer

New from Vivant, the Dabox Vaporizer is hands down one of the coolest, top performing mod style concentrate vaporizers. The first unique feature of the Dabox (pronounced "Dab Box") is Vivant's revolutionary quick change atomizers which eliminates the annoying threading and having to screw in your atomizer. Simply pop your atomizer in and out of the Dabox to change. Building on that ease of use, Vivant also added their patent-pending EZ Load Flip Door to make loading your concentrates easier than ever. No more sticky threads that make unscrewing the top of your vaporizer a pain! Supplied by 40 Watts of battery power, the Dabox Vaporizer heats up quickly, and holds enough power to get you through your day.


Vivant Dabox Portable Concentrate Vaporizer
Flip Door Design For Quick & Easy Loading
Powerful 40 Watt Battery | Long Lasting & Fast Heating
Glass Chamber Preserves Pure Flavors & Tastes
Extra Thick Coils | Powerful, Thick Vapor Clouds
Compact Design Fits Comfortably In Your Palm Or Pocket
2 Amp Quick Charge Technology | Fully Charged In Less Than 1 Hour

Interchangeable Coils

Included with the Dabox Concentrate Vaporizer are two quick-change threadless coils to make swapping atomizers a piece of cake. The first is a dual quartz rod atomizer to heat up quickly while preserving the flavors and essential compounds of your waxy oils. The second atomizer is a Dual Quartz Clapton Coil featuring extra thick coils for huge, tasty vapor clouds. Open up the Dabox Flip Door, pull out your old atomizer, and pop your new atomizer into place to change. Its that easy!

Borosilicate Glass Chamber

The Vivant Dabox features a high-grade  Borosilicate glass chamber, which not only cools your vapor, but also double as a mouthpiece to maximize the length and cooling abilities, providing the smoothest hits. The built in splash guard prevents oils from leaking into the chamber.

Rapid-Charge Technology

Nobody wants to sit around and wait for batteries to charge. The Dabox utilizes a 2 Amp Quick Charge System capable of providing two Amps power, taking your vaporizer from completely dead to fully charged in 1 hour. Simply plug your Dabox in and the LED screen will light up red to let you know its charging. The screen will automatically turn off once a full charge is reached.

What's Included?

Vivant Dabox Vaporizer
High-grade Borosilicate Glass Dab Tool
Dual Quartz Coil
Dual Quarts Clapton Coil
USB Charger



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