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Ronin Glass 8 Inch "Yebira" Inline Barrel Perc Recyler Dab Rig

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Joint | 14mm Male

Height | 8 Inches

The Ronin Glass "Yebira" Inline Barrel Perc Recyler Dab Rig features an elegant glass tube connecting both water chambers with an inline barrel perc to filter your vapor as it passes through each.  Once again showcasing their ingenuity and creativity, Ronin Glass delivered a beautiful recycler dab rig that cools your vapor to perfection with each hit.  


Ronin Glass "Yebira" Recycler Dab Rig
Wide 3.5 Inch Flared Base Provides Stability & Balance To Prevent Tipping
14mm Male Joint | Compatible with 14mm Female Jointed Domes & Bangers
Matching 14mm Female Dome & Nail Included
Glass Dome Features Side Handle For Easy Grip & Placement
Angled Neck Design Acts As Splashguard To Keep Water Out Of Your Mouth
Attractive Recycler Dab Rig Allows You To Watch Your Vapor As It Filters & Cools
Matrix Perc Filters & Cools Your Vapor To Perfection With Intense Tiny Bubbles
Sturdy Dewar's Joint Provides Added Support & Stability
Ronin Glass Decals Included

What's Included?

Ronin Glass "Yebira" 8 Inch Inline Barrel Perc Recyler Dab Rig 
14mm Female Glass Nail & Dome Combo
Ronin Glass Decals

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