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Yocan Magneto Ceramic Atomizers

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About The Yocan Magneto Ceramic Coil Atomizers

The 5 pack of ceramic coil atomizers for the Yocan Magneto Vaporizer are made from pure ceramic, and engineered with a dual-layer design for a state of the art two-stage vaporization process. This two-layered ceramic heating design melts your wax or shatter concentrate on the first layer. The liquified concentrate then moves to the second layer where it is vaporized into a thick, tasty cloud.

The Yocan Magneto Ceramic Coil is also designed with a built-in dab tool for ease of use while on-the-go. The built-in dab tool doubles as a coil cap, connected to the atomizer coil body with a convenient magnetic attachment.


5 Pack Of Ceramic Coil Atomizers
Replacement Atomizers For The Yocan Magneto Vaporizer
100% Medical Grade Ceramic Composition
Premium Vapor Production & Supreme Flavor
Optimized For Low & Slow Heating
Standard 510 Threading
OEM Yocan Product

What's Included?

5 Yocan Magneto Ceramic Coil Atomizers



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